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Coming soon, AMS skip hire in Bournemouth and Poole

Coming soon, AMS skip hire in Bournemouth and Poole

skip hire in Bournemouth and Poole

To support our existing account customers and the growing numbers of the public who are choosing AMS for site clearance projects, from early June we will be offering a local skip hire service.

Customers of AMS Environmental will be able to hire new 6 or 12 yard skips. Deliveries, exchanges and collections will be completed by our expert skip lorry operative using a brand new, state of the art DAF skip lorry.

To ensure the skip hire AMS provides is in-keeping with its other reliable and prompt services, AMS will only be offering skips in the BH postcode area, principally Bournemouth, Poole, Parkstone, Ferndown and Wimborne.

Learn more about Bournemouth and Poole skip hire

To express an interest in the AMS Poole and Bournemouth skip hire service, please call our friendly team on 01202 579579. The team can also help with the answers to key questions, such as:

  • Do I need a permit to place a skip on the road?
  • What is the best size skip for my project?
  • What types of wastes are not allowed in a ‘mixed / general waste’ skip?

Take a glance at their new look:

Grabbing fly tipped waste

Cleaning up fly tips in Dorset and Hampshire

Fly tipped lorries in Norley Wood, New Forest

Recent law changes dictate that any vehicle found to be connected with a fly-tipping incident is liable to be impounded and crushed by the council. Read the recent article on Sky News.

You would have thought that this would put people off illegally dumping waste on the side of roads and in our beautiful countryside.

But it seems not…

Just the other day, Avon Material Supplies were on hand to clear a pile of old tyres that had been fly tipped at Norley Wood in the New Forest. Take a look at a few pictures of one of our 6 wheeled grab lorries in action, picking up the waste tyres before they were transported back to Canford Recycling Centre where they are being properly stored before being recycled.

The reaches of grab lorries

Builders sand Poole

As you may be aware, we have an extensive fleet of vehicles that serve a wide range of purposes. From clearing waste at construction sites to delivering bulk bags of aggregates, we have the right vehicle for the task. Our modern fleet contains tipper trucks and grab lorries of various sizes.

The reach of our grab lorries

Our grab lorries are available in a range of sizes: mini grab, 4 wheeler, 6 wheeler or 8 wheeler. The more wheels on the lorry, the greater its carrying capacity.

The extendable grab arm on each of our lorries can reach a substantial distance, see below for approximate guide measurements.

  • Mini grab – approximately 3 metres reach when alongside material or waste
  • 4 wheeler – Brand new vehicle coming soon!
  • 6 wheeler – approximately 5 metres reach when alongside material or waste
  • 8 wheeler – approximately 12 metres reach

Not sure what grab is best for you, contact our experts on 01202 579579

Putting that in perspective – 12 metres that the 8 wheeler’s extendable arm can reach is equivalent to the following: the length of some double-decker buses, over 4x the height of a football goal and half the height of Buckingham Palace!

Position your waste appropriately

If you are using a grab lorry for waste clearance purposes, you must make sure that the waste for disposal is positioned appropriately. It must be located where there is sufficient space for the lorry to work and away from overhead cables that could obstruct the grab arm. The bigger the lorry that you require, the more space required for work to be completed.

Projects that benefit from grab lorries

Grab lorry hire

The ‘grabbing’ capability of our lorries means that they are perfect for site clearance projects. We accept waste streams including construction waste, commercial waste, green waste, inert waste and concrete. This versatility means that almost whatever you are clearing, we can collect it for you!

If you have hazardous waste that requires disposal, we can help in association with Commercial Recycling.

Please note: Our grab lorries cannot be used for digging up waste, only clearing.

Contact us for grab lorry hire

Whatever your site clearance project, a grab lorry will undoubtedly help the process. If you need a grab lorry to progress with your project, contact our friendly team on 01202 579579 today.

What is muck away?

Inert waste muck away

Muck away, also known as cartaway, is an inert waste removal method chosen by individuals, tradespeople and businesses. If you are undertaking a site clearance project that creates a large amount of inert waste, you should look into arranging muck away.

This post will outline what happens during a typical Avon Material Supplies muck away service and where the waste goes once we remove it from your site.

How we do muckaway

The muck away service we provide is carried out on our own modern fleet of tipper trucks and grab lorries. We offer a range of different sized vehicles to allow our customers to choose the ideal muckaway solution for their project.

Grab lorry or tipper truck?

If you have a large amount of waste to be cleared, a tipper truck may be the best option as they have greater carrying capacity. However, you can only benefit from a tipper truck if you have the appropriate means to load it at your site, if not, a grab lorry will be required. Grab lorries are a great option because they can simply enter your site and collect the waste using an extendable grab arm.

After contacting us and establishing what capacity truck or lorry you require, one of our drivers will visit your site to collect the waste at a predetermined time / date.

Our fleet

The vehicles that complete muck away include:

Where does collected muck go?

We are a fully licensed waste carrier which means we are legally allowed to transport waste. Once the fully loaded tipper truck or grab lorry leaves your site, our experienced drivers will take your cleared waste to one of our trusted inert tipping sites.

Popular inert tipping facilities we use include:

If you would like any further information about our muck away service or if you wish to arrange a site clearance, please contact our friendly team on 01202 579579.

What is a grab lorry and how do I hire one?

What is grab lorry hire

Popular forms of waste collection, including grab lorry hire.

When it comes to a site clearance project, there are a number of methods that you can choose from to assist with your waste disposal. This article will explain what grab lorry hire is and the differences between the various other popular forms of waste collection.

Depending on the amount of waste you are clearing, any of the following will be suitable for your project.


What is grab lorry hire?

Whilst most people only conceive grab lorries to be used for large clearance tasks, they are in fact very versatile, especially when AMS offer mini, 4, 6 & 8 wheeler grab lorries for hire.

A primary benefit of using grab lorry hire is that it is a quick and straightforward process. The lorry visits your site, collects the waste using an extendable arm, places it on the back of the lorry and then leaves to safely transport the waste to a suitable disposal facility.

The grab arms allow waste to be collected from the road and over obstacles, meaning if there is limited access at your site a grab lorry will still be able clear your waste (*if it’s located correctly)!

In addition to being able to collect loose waste, grab lorries can also easily collect filled skip bags. Therefore, sites with various waste streams can separate and dispose of their waste using multiple skip bags. To learn more about skips bags in Bournemouth please visit:

Carrying capacity of our grab lorries:

  • Mini grab – up to 5 tonnes
  • 4 wheel grab – up to 9.5 tonnes
  • 6 wheel grab – up to 12 tonnes
  • 8 wheel grab – up to 16 tonnes

To learn more about hiring a grab lorry in Dorset, please visit our grab lorry webpage or contact our friendly team.

*Please note, the waste material required to be ‘grabbed’ away should be placed within the reach area of the grab arm, located where there is adequate space for the vehicle to work and away from any overhead cables. For further guidance, please contact our team.

“Grab lorries can deliver aggregates and clear your waste in one journey!”

Tipper truck hire

Tipper lorry hire Avon Material Supplies

Using a tipper truck is less flexible than a grab lorry due to not having a grab arm. If you choose a tipper truck, you must have the appropriate machinery on-site to load waste onto the truck.

For large site clearance projects on more extensive sites, tipper trucks are often the number one choice as they offer a fast turnaround and are able to carry more waste than the comparable size of grab lorry.

Our tipper trucks are either 6 or 8 wheelers, being able to transport 15 tonnes and 19.5 tonnes of material respectively.

It’s good to know… Our large tipper fleet is available to hire on a ‘by request’ basis or as part of a scheduled waste management / haulage service. AMS’s tippers operate extensively throughout Dorset and West Hampshire and can be hired by individuals, businesses and contractors.

For further information on tipper truck hire please contact our team or visit our tipper truck hire webpage.

Skip hire

skip hire Avon Material supplies

Traditionally, skips are the first thought when people are considering a clearance project. If your skip is going to be positioned on a road or footpath, you must ensure that you have the necessary council permit and safety equipment in place e.g. lights and cones.

Skips range from 2-12 yards in size, making them a flexible waste management solution that people often choose for modest sized waste clearance projects e.g. house clearances, kitchen fit outs etc.

For more information on skip hire, please contact our experts or visit our Bournemouth skip hire webpage.

If you require assistance establishing the best sort of site clearance for your requirements, contact the waste management experts at Avon Material Supplies.

Media Release: New retail friendly brand for AMS

AMS new logo

New ‘retail friendly’ brand aids AMS (Avon Material Supplies) in supplying a greater portion of the DIY sector

During March, the popular Wimborne based organisation Avon Material Supplies (AMS) will be unveiling their updated corporate identity to customers and suppliers.

The improved brand is a tangible sign of the expansion programme the organisation is undertaking to accommodate an increasing demand for the AMS services, which include aggregate supplies, grab lorry and tipper truck hire.

The Board of Directors requested the creation of a new logo and user-friendly marketing collateral to aid the business in securing further market share within the local DIY sector. Early signs are very encouraging, with improved results being posted for sales from non-credit account customers.

Also, returning great results is AMS Nationwide, the brokerage service AMS operates to help Dorset companies source and pay for ‘Direct to Site’ building materials throughout the UK.

“It’s great to have the new AMS logos in use, I am delighted because this marks our intention to improve the customer experience we offer and the desire we have to help even more businesses and individuals to complete their projects on time and in budget. 

In addition, we are also continuously investing in our modern fleet to ensure AMS customers can choose the ideal vehicle and rest assured it will be reliable, environmentally friendly and benefit from the latest technology.”

Ian Mariner, Director, Avon Material Supplies.

Exciting additions to the range of services offered by the AMS vehicle fleet are in development and will be fully operational under AMS Environmental later in the year.

That was a brief introduction to the extended Avon Material Supplies brand, if you have any queries or would like to speak to anyone within the AMS affiliates, please call 01202 579579.

Order materials UK wide with AMS

Nationwide call centre for national aggregate orders

Pay for construction services and materials across the UK with your AMS credit account.

Did you know that as an account holder at AMS (Avon Material Supplies), you can order and pay for key services such as site clearances, concrete supplies and aggregates throughout the UK?

What does this mean? It means if you are working outside of the local area, you can save time and improve your cash flow by ordering key ‘direct to site’ services and materials on your AMS credit account.

What is AMS Nationwide

AMS Nationwide is a division of Avon Material Supplies (AMS) that sources and supplies clients with various building materials and waste management services throughout the UK. Using a network of trusted supply partners, we are able to offer competitive prices and quick deliveries across the country.

Do you have a job outside of Dorset? Contact our national sourcing team today to see how we can help. Remember our account management and quote sourcing services are FREE OF CHARGE

AMS Nationwide Services

The building materials and waste management services AMS Nationwide supply across the UK include:

  • Primary, decorative and recycled aggregates
  • Concrete pumping which is supplied with fully trained operators
  • Ready mix and mini mix concrete supplies
  • Ready to use screeds and mortars
  • Skip & Rollonoff (roro) hire
  • Cartaway services including tipper truck and grab lorry hire

To learn more please download our.AMS Nationwide mini brochure

Benefits for AMS customers

  • Free sourcing and quote service
  • Free account management service that helps to ensure orders are completed on time and in budget
  • Access to a huge network of leading suppliers from across the UK
  • Ability to order and pay for services throughout the UK using your existing AMS credit account

To find out more about AMS Nationwide and how you can access their services, please visit the AMS Nationwide website or call one of our team on 03330 145000.


Do you need AMS, aggregate suppliers Bournemouth?

aggregate suppliers bournemouth

You may not be aware, but Avon Material Supplies might be able to help you! If you are carrying out any landscaping or construction tasks, it is likely that you will need aggregates, and we have a vast range of high-quality primary and recycled aggregates for you to choose from.

The quality of our recycled aggregates is due to the state of the art facilities at Canford Recycling Centre that are used in the production process. These include a specialist washing and screening plant which was introduced in 2016.

Our aggregates Bournemouth

We have a number of different aggregates that are either primary (from naturally formed resources), recycled (processed inorganic materials from construction) or decorative (slate and pebbles that look cosmetically pleasing and are often used in driveways and pathways etc.).

As mentioned briefly above, our Bournemouth aggregates are frequently chosen for construction, DIY and landscaping purposes. For example, our manufactured topsoil is used to repair lawn damage, washed sand is perfect for general fill and type 1 limestone is chosen for footpath sub-bases.

We offer a wide range of aggregates in Bournemouth and Dorset and are sure to have the suitable aggregate for your projects.

Aggregate collections or delivery

If you want to come and pick up your aggregates, you can do so by travelling to our site near Wimborne, Dorset.

When making an order for collection, please specify whether you would like a loose load or aggregate bulk bags. Thanks to recent redevelopment and improvements, the site at Canford now has tarmac roads throughout which allows for all sorts of vehicles to visit the site.

Alternatively, you can arrange for AMS, aggregate suppliers Bournemouth, to deliver your purchase to your address or site. Once again you have the choice of loose or bagged, and depending on that, one of our grab lorries or tipper trucks will be making your delivery.

For delivery quotes or for more information on aggregate suppliers Bournemouth, please contact our Recycled Aggregates experts on 01202 579579 or alternatively email your enquiry to

Choose AMS for builders sand Poole

Builders sand Poole

The high-quality aggregates supplied by AMS are chosen by individuals and businesses from the construction, landscaping and DIY industries across Dorset, Somerset and West Hampshire.

We are able to supply either primary or recycled builders sand to tradespeople, sites and members of the public throughout Poole and Bournemouth.

Did you knowThe recycled builders sand we sell is manufactured at Canford Recycling Centre by Commercial Recycling. The recycling process they employ benefits from the use of state of the art plant machinery.

Who has used our builders sand Poole?

Our sand is frequently used by contractors and tradespeople in general building and landscaping projects. Common tasks completed using either our primary or recycled builders sand include pointing and brick laying.

Deliveries or collections

If you require large amounts of builders sand, our fleet of tippers and grab lorries operate across Dorset so can deliver your purchased building sand direct to your site.

Thanks to our large fleet, we can often offer a same or next day service to our customers (STA).

Alternatively, you can collect your building sand from the Inert Facility at Canford Recycling Centre on Magna Road, BH21 3BW. The site is open Monday – Friday all day and Saturday mornings. For more information please call 01202 579579.

“Our builder sand is in high demand so we always recommend customers check stock levels before travelling to the Inert Facility at Canford Recycling Centre.”

Bagged Aggregates

Our builders sand and all other aggregates are available in 1-tonne bulk bags. This is a convenient way for you to order small quantities of primary and recycled aggregates as our bulk bags will be delivered to your site or address. *Please note, to preserve the quality of our aggregates they are only bagged when collection orders are placed. To place an order to collect a bagged aggregate from Canford Recycling centre please call 01202 579579.

Bagged aggregate deliveries

To order and pay for a bagged aggregate delivery in the BH postcode please visit our sister website

Do you require assistance?

If you would like to make an enquiry about ordering our builders sand Poole, or want to know more about any of the services AMS provide, contact our friendly team today on 01202 579579 /