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Asbestos Skip Hire in Dorset

Avon Material Supplies provide affordable asbestos skips to businesses and individuals in across Dorset.

Additional advice and guidance

For advice & asbestos skip hire prices, please call 01202 579579.

The licensed asbestos skip hire service offered by AMS has many benefits, including:

  • Open and enclosed skips and rollonoff (roro) containers in various sizes
  • Experienced operatives who are certified and knowledgeable
  • Same day service (STA)
  • All legal paperwork completed and provided

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Grab Your free quote

What is asbestos and where can it be found?

Asbestos is a fibrous silicate mineral, which was first used during the building of commercial properties in the 1800’s and then later became popular within the construction of houses during the 1980’s thanks to its physical properties including affordability, sound absorption, tensile strength and in particular, its resistance to fire, heat, and electricity. Following a series of high-profile investigations, it was determined that asbestos poses serious health risks to humans when it’s broken up, and so the use of the material was banned in 1999.

Asbestos is still found to be within many commercial and residential properties built prior to 1999, with the most common traces of the material being found in roof slates, tiles & felt, flooring, concrete and wall cladding. 

Disposing of asbestos

Asbestos waste is classed as a hazardous waste material and therefore must be handled correctly and disposed of separately from other waste streams.

Currently, the only ‘final’ disposal option for asbestos is for it to be taken to a licensed landfill site. This is because asbestos waste cannot be incinerated, recycled or destroyed in any other way.

To help individuals, tradespeople and businesses who are unable to transport their asbestos waste themselves to a licensed landfill we are able to provide a range of specialist waste containers.

What is the cost of asbestos skip hire?

Although asbestos is a fairly costly waste stream to dispose of due to its difficulty to handle and process, our asbestos skip hire prices are very competitive and regularly reviewed to ensure they continue to offer good value. 

Our asbestos skip hire service is charged on a haulage and tonnage basis, meaning customers only pay for the actual weight of waste that is disposed of (there is also a charge for the provision of the consignment note).

Asbestos skips and roros we offer

The asbestos skips and roro’s (rollonoff) we provide for use in the safe storage, transport, and disposal of asbestos include:

  • 6 yard enclosed asbestos skips
  • 8 yard enclosed asbestos skips
  • 12 yard enclosed skips
  • 35 yard enclosed roro

For advice and prices call our asbestos skip hire team on 01202 579579.

What happens to the asbestos skip once it’s collected?

When we collect a skip or roro that has been filled with asbestos, more often than not it will be transported to the closest specialist disposal facility that is licensed to accept the waste.

Best practices for asbestos disposal 

Exposure to asbestos in the form of fibers is always considered dangerous, therefore the handling and disposal of asbestos material must be taken with the utmost care.

Due to its hazardous nature, any roros or skips used for the disposal of asbestos should be enclosed or covered as best practice. For this reason, AMS stock various sized enclosed skips and roros to allow our customers to choose the best container for their waste clearance.

Asbestos skip hire prices and advice

To receive our best asbestos skip hire prices or for further advice, please contact our friendly team on 01202 579579 or use our online skip quote tool.


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