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The benefits of using our grab truck hire service

For large projects that produce a substantial amount of waste, a grab truck might be the perfect solution. There are many benefits to hiring a grab truck in Poole or Bournemouth so we wanted to run through them in this article. 

Easily dispose of large amounts of waste

The obvious benefit to grab truck hire is the amount of waste that can be removed in one go.

At AMS, we operate 2 sizes of grab trucks in and around Poole and Bournemouth. Tradespeople, contractors or members of the general public can hire our 6 wheeled grab trucks or 8 wheeled grab trucks.

The bigger the grab truck, the more waste can be carried away. Below is how much each of our grab lorries can remove at one time.

  • 6 wheel = 12 tonnes (approx.)
  • 8 wheel = 16 tonnes (approx.)

Of course, another aspect of grab trucks is that they are able to do all the heavy lifting for you. Each truck uses a hydraulic arm and clamshell bucket to reach out and grab the waste to then unload it into the body of their truck.

The size of the grab truck that you hire, will depend on how far the arm can reach:

  • A 6 wheel truck can reach 8.5 metres (approx.)
  • An 8 wheel truck can reach 8.5 metres (approx.)

Grab truck hire is convenient

Grab truck hire in Poole and Bournemouth is very convenient too. Once the waste has been collected, you won’t need to wait for it to be removed, unlike if you were to hire a skip or RoRo. As our operators stay on site to manoeuvre the grab lorries arm, they will then be able to drive it away as soon as all the waste has been collected.

This means you won’t have a full skip or RoRo container sitting on your site, potentially getting in the way.

Additionally, they are able to reach some places that are tricky to reach for humans, such as behind fences or over walls, as their arms can extend over.

Grab truck hire can be cost effective

Grab lorries in Bournemouth and Poole can be highly cost-effective for the removal of certain waste types.

AMS are a fully licensed waste carrier, meaning that we are able to collect the following waste streams:

  • Construction and demolition
  • Mixed, general household waste
  • Green / garden waste
  • Inert waste
  • Concrete

If you are able to hire a grab truck for a specific waste stream this will make your waste disposal charge cheaper. This is because it is easier for us to recycle the waste when it has already been separated from other waste types.

Large amounts of waste removed at once

Typically, a grab truck will be able to remove twice the amount of waste as a regular skip. This saves you the time of having to organise delivery and removal of different skips on your site.

Time efficient

Grab lorries, and their drivers, work efficiently and quickly. Thanks to our online shop, it is simple to order a grab truck in a matter of minutes. Whilst booking, you can select a time and date that is convenient to you so you will know exactly when our truck and driver will turn up.

Once a date is selected, the driver will turn up on time and park the truck in a suitable position to manoeuvre the arm and grab all the waste that is waiting to be removed. Once the job is done they will simply drive away, taking your waste with them.

Permits aren’t required

Unlike hiring a skip to be placed on a public road, which usually adds to the cost of the skip hire. When hiring a grab truck in Poole or Bournemouth you don’t need a permit, because the truck won’t obstruct traffic for an extended period of time like a skip potential could. Therefore by hiring a grab truck in Bournemouth and Poole, you could save money and effort.

Grab lorries can hold heavy items

Thanks to the hydraulic grab arm, grab trucks are able to easily move heavy items from your site into their truck bed. The grab arms are able to pick up things that humans would struggle to pick up and move, such as trees, concrete slabs and other bulky items. Unlike with a skip or RoRo, you don’t have to lift a finger and instead can get on with completing other tasks that need your attention.

When to consider a grab truck

If you are looking for a waste removal service for a large amount of waste, you are likely to want to consider hiring a grab truck.

If you are short on time, or have large and bulky waste a grab truck is often a sensible choice. Think about the following when thinking about hiring a grab truck:

  • Capacity
  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • And physical labour

Things to consider before hiring a grab truck

Once you have decided the grab truck hire in Poole or Bournemouth is the way to go, you will need to make sure that the grab arm will be able to move in order to collect your waste.

This will mean making sure that your waste is not sat under a tree, or electrical wires where the grab arm could get caught. Remember the arm could reach up to 8 metres, but it will need height to be able to achieve that.

Why use AMS grab truck hire?

AMS are a fully licensed waste carrier meaning that we can transport most waste streams from your site. We will take your waste to Commercial Recycling Centre, where most of the waste will be recycled or recovered rather than sent to landfill, so you can be confident that your waste disposal is environmentally friendly.

Our aim is to make your life easier, so we are often able to offer same day service grab hire throughout the BH postcode area.

If you would like to hire a 6 or 8 wheeled grab truck, visit our online shop, or give our friendly sales team a call on 01202 579579.

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