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Concrete blocks

Ideal for farming, agriculture & other industries

Concrete ‘lego-style’ blocks

When it comes to the farming and agricultural industry, as well as other sectors, concrete blocks offer exceptional versatility and reliability. Whether you’re looking for solutions for material storage, security, protection, or infrastructure, concrete blocks are the ideal choice.

Full and half size blocks for collection or delivery

We offer both full size and half size lego-style concrete blocks to meet your construction needs. For more information, fill out our enquiry form or call 01202 579579.

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      Dividing wall created with concrete blocks

      Why Choose Concrete Blocks?

      Concrete blocks are known for their adaptability, strength, and ease of installation, making them suitable for various applications across different industries.

      Constructed with precision, these blocks can withstand the demands of material storage, fencing, flood protection, and much more.

      Lego-style  concrete blocks at Canford Recycling Centre

      Common Applications of Concrete Blocks

      Concrete blocks can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

      • Material Storage Bays: Concrete blocks are ideal for constructing durable and adaptable storage bays that can accommodate various materials.
      • Fencing: Used to create sturdy and reliable fencing for agricultural and industrial properties.
      • Salt Stores: Provides secure and weather-resistant storage solutions for salt and other materials.
      • Flood Protection: Used for building flood barriers and walls to protect agricultural and industrial areas from flooding.
      • Retaining Walls: Essential for containing, retaining, and redirecting soil and materials to support landscaping and infrastructure.
      • Security Barriers and Barricades: Offers robust and adaptable solutions for security needs in agricultural, industrial, and commercial settings.
      • Road Blocks: Utilised as strong and durable barriers for traffic and access control in various environments.
      • Industrial Buildings: Used in the construction of industrial structures, providing stability and support for various building components.
      concrete lego-style blocks at Canford Recycling Centre

      Contact AMS – Your Concrete Experts

      At AMS, we prioritise quality and reliability in your construction projects.

      Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing top-notch concrete products tailored to your specific needs.

      For more information on our high-quality concrete products and how they can benefit your projects, call 01202 579 579 to speak to our concrete specialists today.


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