July 2016 - Avon Materials Supplies

Our Inert Recycling Site

Aggregate washing plant at Canford Recycling Centre

Have a look at some recent pictures from our Inert Recycling Site.

Various inert waste streams are brought to the recycling facilities on our tipper trucks and grab lorries.

On-site, the waste inert materials are recycled into various types of reusable aggregates. The manufacturing process used by Commercial Recycling benefits from the use of advanced equipment that includes a state-of-the aggregate washing plant, modern screeners and crushers.

Aggregates that we manufacture and distribute include:

Our aggregates are available to be collected from the Canford Recycling Centre or alternatively individuals or businesses can arrange for them to be delivered as loose loads or in ‘bulk bags‘. For delivery quotes please contact our friendly team on 01202 579579.

When to use animal bedding sand

The superior animal bedding sand available from Avon Material Supplies is manufactured in association with Commercial Recycling at Canford Recycling Site. Many farmers across Dorset, Somerset and West Hampshire choose our animal bedding sand to use on their farms and land.

Common uses and benefits

Ideal for use in barns and cattle stalls or sheds, our animal bedding sand should be laid out around 4-6 inches thick. This allows for the top layer of the bedding to be scraped off when it has been used, without having to re-lay the entire surface.

Our cattle bedding sand is washed and graded to ensure that it is soft under foot. As well as being comfortable, it is also safer because there is a reduced chance of slipping for both your animals and you. It harbours far fewer bacteria than woodchipping or hay and reduces dust.

Who chooses our bedding sand?

Our high-quality aggregates are chosen by all sorts of businesses and individuals. Some of our clients who purchase animal bedding sand include:

  • Forfarmers – they supply hundreds of farms across the UK and collect animal bedding sand from AMS. They recently purchased a sizeable load on behalf of a farm in South Petherton, Somerset.
  • RH & AJ Bateman – they also choose to collect from our Wimborne site, supplying farms across Somerset & Avon.

Availability of our animal bedding sand

If you would benefit from our high-quality bedding sand, you can collect your purchase from our site near Wimborne. Collections can be made in either loose or bagged loads, but if you require a 1 tonne ‘bulk’ bag of animal bedding sand you must pre-order it 24 hours in advance.


We can also deliver various sized loads to farms or sites on our modern tipper trucks or grab lorries. Areas we regularly deliver to include:

  • West Dorset & The Purbecks
  • Blandford & Salisbury
  • The New Forest & Andover
  • Sherborne & Yeovil

Orders and free samples

If you would like any further information about our animal bedding sand or to arrange for a sample to be delivered to your premises, please contact us on 01202 579579 or  enquiries@avonmaterialsupplies.co.uk


Our alternative topsoil in Somerset

Topsoil delivery in Somerset

Regular buyers of our topsoil alternative, Sherborne Turf, have recently used our screened 10mm soil in the landscaping of a home in Templecombe, Somerset.

The 120 tonnes required were delivered to the site on AMS’s own grab and tipper trucks.

To learn more about our affordable alternative to expensive topsoil please contact our friendly team on 01202 579579 or enquiries@avonmaterialsupplies.co.uk