Do you need AMS, aggregate suppliers Bournemouth?

aggregate suppliers bournemouth

You may not be aware, but Avon Material Supplies might be able to help you! If you are carrying out any landscaping or construction tasks, it is likely that you will need aggregates, and we have a vast range of high-quality primary and recycled aggregates for you to choose from.

The quality of our recycled aggregates is due to the state of the art facilities at Canford Recycling Centre that are used in the production process. These include a specialist washing and screening plant which was introduced in 2016.

Our aggregates Bournemouth

We have a number of different aggregates that are either primary (from naturally formed resources), recycled (processed inorganic materials from construction) or decorative (slate and pebbles that look cosmetically pleasing and are often used in driveways and pathways etc.).

As mentioned briefly above, our Bournemouth aggregates are frequently chosen for construction, DIY and landscaping purposes. For example, our manufactured topsoil is used to repair lawn damage, washed sand is perfect for general fill and type 1 limestone is chosen for footpath sub-bases.

We offer a wide range of aggregates in Bournemouth and Dorset and are sure to have the suitable aggregate for your projects.

Aggregate collections or delivery

If you want to come and pick up your aggregates, you can do so by travelling to our site near Wimborne, Dorset.

When making an order for collection, please specify whether you would like a loose load or aggregate bulk bags. Thanks to recent redevelopment and improvements, the site at Canford now has tarmac roads throughout which allows for all sorts of vehicles to visit the site.

Alternatively, you can arrange for AMS, aggregate suppliers Bournemouth, to deliver your purchase to your address or site. Once again you have the choice of loose or bagged, and depending on that, one of our grab lorries or tipper trucks will be making your delivery.

For delivery quotes or for more information on aggregate suppliers Bournemouth, please contact our Recycled Aggregates experts on 01202 579579 or alternatively email your enquiry to

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