Removing sand from Bournemouth beach

AMS help clear the way

At the end of April a section of cliff along Bournemouth beach collapsed, crushing a toilet block and covering part of the promenade. Fortunately the landslide occurred early in the morning and nobody was harmed by the falling debri.

Landslide debris

Avon Material Supplies were contracted by JT Mackley Ltd to help in the clearing effort, supplying tipper lorries over two weeks to move the 4000 tonnes of sand that had become dislodged, falling down the cliff-face and onto the walkway below.

Once cleared from the site of the landslide, the sand was transported to a nearby facility where it has been recycled into a product that can be used locally for a number of applications.

If you would like to learn more about our tipper trucks or recycling processes please contact the AMS team today on 01202 579579.

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