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DMS supply nationally, a full range of Enviro-products, including:

  • Topsoil
  • Bark
  • Woodchips
  • Turf
  • Compost
  • Associated Products

Selected products can be supplied either loose or in bulk bags.

We supply over 15 different types of mulch, compost, soil, turf and woodchip products from various sites throughout the UK and provides its customers with one of the widest ranges of stocked landscape products in the UK.

Call DMS on 0845 200 2436 for further information.

Enviro-Super Soil is a 70/30 blend of top quality screened topsoil and Enviro-Compost. It is ideal for turf laying and for establishing new or raising existing flower beds.

Eco turf has proven to be an enormous success due to its’ key features of being hard wearing and drought tolerant. Suitable for all landscaping applications.

Woodchips come in a wide range of products all manufactured from virgin natural wood. Ideal for borders, pathways, playgrounds and menages.

Mulch’s are ideal for flower beds in high visibility and prestige environments and cost effective alternative for border covers.

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Other products available, please call 01202 810 938 for more information

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Call DMS on 01202 810 938 for further info