What is 6F5 crushed material? | Avon Material Supplies
December 16, 2016 HarryCW

crushed concrete 6F5 from Avon Material Supplies

6F5 is a recycled aggregate that is made up of crushed hardcore materials including crushed concrete.

In general, our crushed concrete contains materials that range in size from 75mm down to dust making it perfectly suited for use as bulk fill.

A recycled aggregate such as 6F5 is formed by the processing of inorganic material that has previously been used in construction.

‘Our crushed material is available loose or in bulk bags and can be delivered across Dorset and Hampshire or collected from Canford Recycling Centre, Wimborne’

Common uses of 6F5

Our 6F5 is often chosen by individuals, businesses and construction sites for a range of purposes across Dorset and Hampshire including:

  • Capping layer
  • Trench fill
  • Temporary roads
  • Oversite fill

The superior material that is distributed by Avon Material Supplies is produced at Canford Recycling Centre using modern concrete crushing plant machinery that is expertly maintained and operated.

‘The inert facility at Canford Recycling Centre near Wimborne also manufactures a wide range of aggregates including topsoil alternative, sharp washed sand, all in ballast and type 1 recycled.’

Our 6F5 crushed concrete

Just like all of our aggregates, 6F5 is available for delivery to individuals and businesses throughout Dorset and Hampshire in various sized loads ranging from 1 to 20 tonnes.

Deliveries are completed using AMS’s own modern fleet of vehicles, which includes mini*, 4*, 6 and 8 wheel tipper trucks and grab lorries. (*grab lorry only)

For customers requiring smaller amounts of material, or if you have limited access or space, AMS can deliver aggregates in bulk bags.

Ordering our crushed concrete aggregates

If you require 6F5 crushed concrete, simply visit Canford Recycling Centre to collect the material  or contact our aggregates team on 01202 579579 to arrange a delivery.

Please note, Canford Recycling Centre opening hours are Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday mornings.