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Landscaping trends for 2023

February is passing by at the speed of light and before we know it, spring and summer will be here and we will be heading out to the gardens and cracking out the barbecues.

So now is the time to start thinking about making your garden the perfect place to chill on a warm summer’s evening.

Here are some of the trends and ideas that we think will be popular this year, so if you are needing a little inspiration for your garden refurb, look no further.

Your own ‘Garden of Eden’

This idea is based on growing your own produce and plants. You create a little section in your garden that is the perfect environment for plants and produce to grow naturally and with very little help or care from you.

These are great for those of you who don’t really have a green thumb, or for those who don’t have time to water plants every day.

It is really simple to create your own ‘Garden of Eden’, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Decide where the allotment is going to go. You can use an area that is already bedded or where there is grass and dirt.

Step 2: Top up the area with topsoil as this will make a good home for the plant roots and will provide plenty of water. If you can get your hands on compost, you can also add a bit of compost into the mix as this will provide a bit more nutrients for the plants. You could also add a layer of wood chips if you have easy access to them to prevent weeds from sprouting through.

Step 3: Plant your seeds.

Step 4: Enjoy the benefits of your own ‘Garden of Eden’.

Gardens focused on relaxing

It would be fair to say that covid lockdowns encouraged us to make more use of our gardens as social spaces. We saw a move to renovating gardens so that they were more appropriate for hosting gatherings.

We expect this trend to continue as more and more people decide to save the pennies and use their back garden to have a couple of drinks rather than go to the pub.

Creating a social environment often includes building a seating and cooking area, which is often found on a patio. Patios can be fairly straight forward to lay, if you know what you are doing and are prepared. Before you lay any patio, make sure you know where you are getting concrete from, what concrete mix you need and how much of it.

Last year, we wrote a handy article on how to lay a patio and how we can help, so go check it out before you get your hands dirty laying those patio tiles down. If you need further guidance on this, call our concrete experts on 01202 579579.

You might want to think about adding in small paths, to make it easier for you and your guests to walk from one area to another. Gravel, paving or our shingle would work well for this.

Think about what types of events you will be hosting too. If you are a barbecue and chill kind of host, the furniture you get for your garden will be completely different to if you will be hosting outside dinner parties. Whatever furniture you are going to get though, make sure that it can be packed away or is weather resistant so that you won’t have to replace it every year.

Waterwise plants

With the climate changing more and more each year and hosepipe bans seeming to be more commonly discussed each summer, it is becoming more pertinent to be cautious of water consumption in the garden.

This is why we think we will see a rise in waterwise plants or drought-resistant plants in gardens this year. These plants are able to store larger amounts of water for a longer time, so they stay fresh and bloom, no matter what season, or how much water they have had.

Examples of these plants are Lavenders, Sunflowers, Aloe, and California Poppies. These are great to have in a garden as they add a pop of colour for several months.

Textured stones

Decorative stones are an easy way to add colour and texture to a garden.

Gravel is great to use for attractive pathways across your garden, or from the driveway round to the garden. In fact, stones that are over 12mm, such as our 20mm shingle, can be great for driveways as they are durable enough to cope with vehicle and foot traffic. If you choose to use a stone on your driveway and throughout your garden you can create a consistent look and feel throughout your outdoor space.

Boulders and rockery is also another great way to add texture and a new visual to your garden. Due to the size of the rocks being used, a rockery can be a great feature in your garden.

Get your materials from us

If you are planning a renovation of your garden for this summer, don’t forget to use AMS for your aggregates, skips and skip bags, here’s a little more information about some of the products that can help you with your project…


Our screened topsoil alternative product is manufactured at Canford Recycling Centre and is ideal for creating a plant bed, repairing lawn damage and improving drainage. You have the option of buying the product loose, or in single tonne bags allowing you to move it around your garden to where you need it.


We can provide decorative shingles and stones for your garden.

Skip bag

A perfect companion for your garden project this year, our handy skip bags can hold one tonne of green waste and will be picked up when you’ve finished with it, it’s as easy as that!


Will your garden project involve a lot of mess before you can make it look show home ready? Have no fear, the AMS garden waste skips are the ideal solution and are available in a variety of sizes.

AMS Concrete

No job is too big or too small for AMS Concrete, so whether it’s to help out with your patio or you’re laying a base for your shed, you can pick up what you need from our batching plant at Canford Recycling Centre near Wimborne.

All our aggregates, skips and skip bags are available to order online with convenient delivery options, however, if you would like to discuss your order before purchasing, you can call our sales team on 01202 579579. Alternatively, you can email us on

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