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Need a large volume of concrete?: How AMS can help

This month AMS concrete hit a milestone as our state-of-the-art batching plant has been up and running for a year! And over the past year our services have been going from strength to strength (pun intended). 

Evidence of this is our BSI Accreditation, that we achieved before summer and our new concrete drum mixer that joined our fleet recently, and brings us up to a total of 4 drum mixers on the roads around Dorset. 

Every step allows us to provide our quality concrete to you and your business projects. 

Our concrete services

Before we built our concrete batching plant, we were providing concrete as a mix on site service. We have 2 volumetric trucks, which carry all the ingredients for concrete separately, allowing an operator to then mix together whichever concrete is needed for the project on site.

This is great if you are looking for a small amount of concrete as it can mix up the perfect amount of concrete for your project on site. But it can only produce up to 9 cubic metres in one go.

Since building the plant, we have added 4 drum mixer trucks to our concrete fleet. Each drum mixer can carry 8 cubic metres at one time. This allows us to provide a much larger volume of concrete in one trip.

The concrete plant has also opened up for collections should that be easier for you. You can drop in and collect concrete at our Canford site between the hours of 07:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday, and have your concrete placed into your trailer or flatbed vehicle.

Our batching plant can produce up to 60 cubic metres of concrete an hour, meaning that we can now produce an extremely high volume of quality concrete each day. And as we have 4 concrete drum mixers, we can deliver however much you might need to a specific site easily.

Concrete mixes

Our plant is able to create a range of concrete designs to suit your needs. 

As a business, you will need to be assured that our concrete is of the highest quality, in fact it is likely that you need BSI Accredited concrete. Well, we have some great news… earlier this year, we received our BSI Accreditation for our concrete. So you can work with us knowing we will be supplying only the best quality concrete for your project. 

When using concrete for your business project, the likelihood is that you need a good strong concrete design. We are able to produce a variety of concrete that vary in strength depending on your project. 

Our concrete designs include:

  • C30 / C35 – for pathways, driveways, slipways and roadways
  • C40 – for structural and industrial applications and agricultural projects
  • C50 –  project where there will be high volumes of chemicals or hazardous substances
  • RC – used for industrial and agricultural purposes 
  • PAV1 – for pavements, domestic driveways or paving
  • PAV2 – for commercial applications for driveways and paving
  • Foamed concrete – for bridge strengthening, levelling terrains, Insulation purposes, tunnel construction
  • Screed – for finished floors, as a base for tiling or to cover underfloor heating

How we provide large volumes of concrete

While we mentioned our 3 concrete services above, you will know that not every service is advisable if you are looking for large amounts of concrete for your project.

When working on a large-scale project, it would be pretty impossible to collect the amount of concrete needed from our batching plant in canford.

However, our mixer drums can hold up to 8 cubic metres of concrete at a time, and with the use of our 4 mixer drums, we can deliver a larger amount of concrete in one go, making your project run smoother and saving you time.

Our concrete batching plant can make up to 60 cubic metres of concrete in one hour. If you need more than 32 cubic metres, our 4 drum mixers are not limited to 1 trip per project. Our vehicles can go back and forth between your project and our batching plant, making the amount of concrete delivered limitless. It is also worth mentioning that we can hire extra drum mixers should your project require more.

Another benefit to using our ready mix concrete delivery service is that the turning of the drum mixes the concrete design continuously while it is being transported from our site to yours. This means that it is able to stay liquid rather than needing to be a dryer mix to be moved (which is what would be needed should you collect it).

Finally, our batching plant is a 2 metre twin shaft mixer, meaning that our concrete is a better consistency as 2 cubic metres are batched at a time, and it only needs to go through 2 mixes to fill up a drum mixer. 

Examples of working with large scale projects

We have recently been involved in the A31 roadworks with Volker Highways. While supplying aggregates and waste management services, we have also played a huge part in providing concrete for the project. 

For both of these projects, we have delivered the concrete in our drum mixers, which has  allowed for the concrete to be easy to work with once delivered to the sites, saving time and money.

Needing concrete for your large project?

With 60 cubic metres of BSI Accredited concrete being produced each hour and 4 drum mixers out and about, it doesn’t matter how big your project is, we have the concrete designs and means of producing and delivering to you.

We make concrete delivery easy and smooth, taking all the hassle out of working with the material.

Call our experts on 01202 579579 or email to discuss your project and learn more.

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