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Our top tips for a Christmas clear-out

Christmas will always bring an influx of gifts, no matter how old you are, thanks to the tradition of gift-giving. Quite often this means that a clear-out takes place in the lead-up to the big day, to make room for the new “stuff” in the house.

And of course, with so much time off it is only natural that people use this time to have a complete house clear-out in preparation for the new year and perhaps a house renovation that may be on the cards in 2023.

If you’re thinking about having a Christmas spruce, then take a read of our top tips.

Make a plan

Clearing out a home can feel like quite a big, overwhelming project. But you have made the decision to tackle it, so stick with it.

Think about what it is that you are wanting to achieve. Maybe you need to clear out the spare room so that your guests have a bed to sleep on when they visit, or maybe the toy box is a little full and needs a slight emptying if you are to stand any chance of closing it after Christmas day. No matter what our goal is, make that area a priority.

Making a plan seems simple, and sometimes pointless if you already know what or where you need to clear out. But it is also very easy to get distracted, especially at this time of year when it feels like everything has got to be done at once.

Sit down with a computer, or pen and paper and make a list. Or take your pen and paper on a walk around the house with you noting the key areas or objects that need to be dealt with. Once you have the list written down in front of you, you can start to prioritise the jobs and figure out how long each one will take. From there you can dedicate time to each task and get it done.

Be conscious of the environment

Waste clearances don’t always feel very environmentally friendly; especially if you feel you are throwing out things that are perfectly good and could be used.

Our answer to this is to stop and think before throwing it out; do you know someone who could use it? Or could you donate it to charity? There are also various apps such as Trash Nothing, Facebook Marketplace or Vinted where you can upload the items for someone local and in need to take them off your hands.

If you are hiring a skip from us, you can rest assured that we will recycle and recover as much of the waste as possible as we strive to reach zero waste to landfill.

Ask for help

There can be some pretty heavy lifting when doing a full clearout. Plus it can get a bit lonely if you are doing it by yourself.

Ask your friends and family to help when you need it. This will not only stop you from hurting yourself by doing the heavy lifting on your own, but it can also mean you get the job done quicker; so crack open a bottle of prosecco and turn up the Christmas tunes, after all two pairs of hands are better than one.

Make the most of the skip

If you have hired a skip, then it is worth making the most of it while you have it. Once you have completed your list of tasks, take a look around the house and see if there is anything else that you could get rid of now. Also, take the opportunity to have a look at your front and back garden to see if there is any waste there too. When deciding to have a clear out of your home, the garden is easily forgotten as our attention focuses on the inside; the cold weather doesn’t help this.

If you are going to do this, you will need to double-check what can and can’t go into your skip. If you have a general waste skip then you will be ok to put most items in. However, if you have hired a waste-specific skip, then you will need to ensure you stick to that waste type going in the skip and find alternative disposal methods for other waste streams.

There are a few tricks to getting as much as possible into your skip so that you can dispose of as much waste as possible while you have the skip available.

Start by loading flat objects at the bottom of the skip and arrange them in the same direction. Put some of your lighter objects down, making sure to break down boxes or bigger items where possible. Put heavier things on top as you can then use the weight of these items to squash and flatten the waste below.

Hire the correct skip for your waste

Expanding on the point made above, you want to make sure that the skip you hire accepts the waste you want to dispose of. If you are having a household clearout during the festive period, the likelihood is that you will have a variety of waste streams to dispose of, therefore you will need a general waste skip.

Our general waste skips can accept most waste types but please note our mixed waste skips cannot be used to dispose of electrical items, liquid waste, or hazardous materials, such as; aerosols, gas bottles, pesticides, or TVs. Plasterboard waste is also not permitted in mixed waste skips because by law it must be disposed of separately. Get in touch with our friendly sales team if you need more information on what you can dispose of in our mixed waste skips.

If you are only having a small clear out, then a skip bag might be big enough for all your waste. These 90cm x 90cm x 90cm skip bags can hold up to a tonne of waste, providing the perfect way to clear small loads. Visit our online shop to see what waste our skip bags can collect, how much they are and to order one online.

How AMS can help

Here at AMS, we have a range of skips available for you to hire over Christmas.

Our skip-hire service makes your life easier while you have a clear-out. It includes a 2-week hire period and we can arrange on-road permits, signage, lights, and cones should you need them.

Depending on how big your house is, or how much of a clear out you are having, you have a choice of different-sized skips; our smallest skip is just 4 yards, with 6 and 8-yard skips being in the middle and 12-yard skips being our largest.

We do also have waste-specific skips, should you have more of a certain waste type than the others. Skips available are the following:

If you are considering hiring a skip over Christmas and New Year, we would advise that you order it sooner rather than later. Our skip trucks will not be delivering or collecting over Christmas, so the final day to have a skip collected or dropped off to you is the 23rd December. We will then be back on the 4th January.

Don’t wait to hire a skip, order it through our online shop, or call our expert sales team on 01202 579579.

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